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Research of 

Polar Remote Sensing

Disaster Monitoring and Assessment

Terrestrial Ecosystems

  • Sea ice/glacier monitoring

  • Sea ice thickness estimation

  • Short-term prediction of sea ice concentrations

  • Drought monitoring and prediction

  • Quantification of soil moisture and evapotranspiration

  • Heat wave and cold wave

  • Ground-level PM monitoring

  • Satellite-based GPP/NPP estimation

  • Forest monitoring/deforestation

  • Phenology of agricultural land

Meteorological / Atmospheric

Remote Sensing

Water Monitoring and Assessment

  • Algorithm development for GK-2A/GK-2B

  • Remote sensing of tropical cyclones

  • Remote sensing of air quality

  • Satellite-based coastal water quality estimation

  • Satellite-based carbon flux estimation

  • Sea fog monitoring and prediction

  • Remote sensing of sea surface salinity

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