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Broaden and deepen our understanding of the Earth Science



About US

 The IRIS lab utilizes remote sensing, GIS modeling, and artificial intelligence techniques to broaden and deepen our understanding of the Earth science under climate variability/change, and leverages this knowledge to better manage and control critical functions related to terrestrial, coastal, and polar ecosystems, natural and man-made disasters, water resources, and carbon sequestration.

Polar Remote Sensing

Remote Sensing

& GIS 

Disaster Monitoring

and Assessment

Terrestrial Ecosystems

Meteorological /Atmospheric

Remote Sensing

Water Monitoring

and Assessment


+82 52 217 2887

#1003-1, EBE-110, UNIST

UNIST-gil 50, Ulsan

Republic of Korea Ulsan

Our lab is currently seeking for MS and PhD students who are interested in interdisciplinary studies using remote sensing and GIS technologies.

If you are interested or have a research idea, please feel free to contact us (, prof. Jungho Im).
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