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✨ Research Overview


Sea ice concentration, Sea ice thickness, Leads, Melt ponds, Landfast sea ice.

Sea ice thickness


Sea ice leads

Melt ponds


Sea ice concentration

📚 Representative Works

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Prediction of the Arctic Sea Ice Concentrations


The Arctic sea ice refers to the frozen sea water, and the sea ice concentrations (SICs) are the relative amount of area covered by ice. The SICs plays important roles as a factor of measuring of global warming and on-going climate changes. We develop the SIC prediction model using satellite and reanalysis data based on deep learning approaches


•Prediction of the Arctic SICs using satellite and reanalysis data based on deep learning

•Analysis of spatio-temporal patterns of SICs

•Examination of affecting factors to change SICs

In progress

📝 Publications

Last updated : 2021/01/10

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