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✨ Research Overview


Tropical cyclone, Convection, Cloud, Rainfall prediction


Tropical cyclone trajectory and intensity

Short term precipitation

Convectice initiation


Tropical cyclone center and intensity

Overshooting tops

Icing detection

📚 Representative Works

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Tropical Cyclone

Genesis Detection

A tropical cyclone (TC) is one of the most extreme disasters accompanied by harsh rainfall and strong winds. Detection and prediction of matured TCs are important, but early detection of the genesis stage is also important for longer preparation.

Of the thousands of disturbances each year, only dozens of TCs develop. Due to the complexity of the atmospheric system, it is quite difficult to sort develop and non-developing disturbance. Therefore, in our study, big data and artificial intelligence approaches were applied to build a cyclone genesis detection model.


  • Investigation of tropical cyclone genesis using geostationary satellite

  • Characterization and analysis of the tropical disturbances

In progress


📝 Publications

Last updated : 2021/01/10

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